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Misc Cemeteries of Cairo GREENE COUNTY, NY

Yeomans Family Cemetery   Smith/Butler Family Cemetery  Parks Family Cemetery


Yeomans Family Cemetery
Located on the Old Schoharie Turnpike about one mile from Rte. 41. Small cemetery with only six stones. Generally in poor condition, with excessive vegetation. Surrounded by stone wall. Recently read by Sylvia and Britni Hasenkopf.

Emmor K. Haight 26 Sep 1813-24 Aug 1893
Lucinda Almira Haight 6 Oct 1819-11 Feb 1851 w/o Emmor K.
Daughter of William YEOMANS
Eliza Yeomans 27 Aug 1814-1 May 1899 w/o Elisha B. (nee HUNTER)
Also was wife of John S. ALDEN
George William Yeomans d. 19 Aug 1846 Age 5y s/o Elisha & Eliza
Sarah E. Yeomans d. 20 Feb 1850 Age 1y6m17d d/o Elisha & Eliza
Lucinda Yeomans d. 5 Feb 1858 Age 15y d/o Elisha & Eliza

Smith/Butler Family Cemetery
Cairo, Greene Co, NY

Located on the Old Schoharie Turnpike. Cemetery is in very poor condition, overgrown with vegetation and with fallen headstones. Surrounded by a stone wall. Recently read by Sylvia Hasenkopf. Retyped by Annette Campbell

Rachel Smith d. 18 Oct 1848 age 90y w/o Elisha
Isaac H. Smith d. 26 Mar 1853 Age 67y
Elisha Smith d. 26 Jun 1819 Age 95y
Catherine Bush d. 23 Feb 1858 Age 27y1m5d w/o Peter
Mary E. Bush d. 12 Sep 1858 Age 12y5m18d d/o Peter & C.A.
Judah Smith d. 9 Apr 1861 Age 71y w/o Isaac H.
Peter Bush d. 6 Dec 1895 Age 88y
George Hotchkiss d. 18 Mar 1857 age 11y3m20d s/o Daniel & Eunice
Able Butler d. 22 Apr 1886 Age 67y
Lydia Butler 29 Sep 1850 Age 37y5m29d w/o Oliver
Oliver Butler Stone dates illegible
Clarissa Butler d. 23 Mar 1812 Age 67y w/o Abel
Abel B. Butler d. 12 Aug 1856 Age 74y3m5d
Calista Butler 3 Jun 1801-19 Feb 1888 w/o Abel
Mary Shower d. 24 Jan 1851 w/o John, Elder of Church
Oliver _____ Stone dates illegible

Parks Family Cemetery
Cairo, Greene Co, NY

Cemetery is hidden on a knoll off Deyo Rd. It is fully overgrown and in a state of disrepair. Dilapitated stone fence surrounds the grounds. Recently read by Sylvia Hasenkopf.

Polly Brown d. 5 Nov 1856 Age 48y7m3d w/o James
David Vining d. 21 May 1840 Age 61y
Jacob Barnum 25 Jun 1839-20 May 1842 s/o Zepilia & Caroline
Solomon Bunt 4 Oct 1777-10 Jun 1844
Peter Parks d. 31 May 1850 Age 25y
Frances A. Parks d. 3 Jan 1849 Age 8m d/o Peter & Lydia
Mary Parks d. 11 Feb 1859 Age 51y9m10d w/o Benjamin

Retyped by Annette Campbell

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