Descendants of Sylvanus Cash of Greene County

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Prepared and contributed by:
Marlene Chaney


1. Sylvanus (Vene) CASH was born on 12 Feb 1732/33 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA. He died on 23 Jan 1831 in Catskill, Greene, NY. BORN Source: LDS Batch #C507531, Source Call #974.492/Y1 V2S V 1-2 and Yarmouth, MA Vital Records to 1850.


Sylvanus was one of the signers of the Beekman's Precinct, July 1775 along with his brother David. Sylvanus was also listed with brother David as early Beekman Settlers and signed the Association Pledge (AofA) in Beekman. Sylvanus was on tax list in what is currently Pleasant Valley, Dutchess, NY from February 1761 to June 1766 (along with David 1777-1779 and William February 1753-1778 ('79 is missing).

Greene County formed from parts of Ulster and Albany Counties in 1800.

1790 U.S. Catskill, Albany, NY: 6 Males over 16, including head of household, b before 1774; 2 Males under 16 b after 1774 (Bradford b 1777; James from 1810 census Schomarie Cty); 7 free white females including head of family (1 is Deborah).

1800 U.S. Census Catskill, Greene, NY: Missed getting family count or else they weren't in Greene County.

1810 U.S. Census Catskill, Greene, NY: 1 Male and female over 45 b before

1820 U.S. Census Catskill, Greene, NY: Didn't find Sylvanus.

1830 U.S. Catskill, Greene, NY: Sylvanus over 100; Female 70-80, living with Bradford.

Sylvanus Cash was mentioned in land dispute and bond. See Salisbury-Newkirk Manuscripts 1792.2.

Sylvanus Cash signed a receipt for one yoke of oxen paid on note given by William McKenzie to William Cash in year 1792.

Sylvanus Cash was mentioned in notice of execution sale of property of James Cash in Stephenson's Patent in Town of Catskill. Mentions deed from Mr. Cockburn to Sylvanus Cash, dated May 3, 1802.

>From the tax book at Catskill, NY 1828 Sylvanus owned property valued at $150.

MARRIAGE Source: To Lois Galpin per Rev. War Pension Application R 1780.

DIED Source: Newspaper announcement in Catskill Record of Thursday, April 14, 1831: Died January 23rd Sylvanus Cash aged 99.

Sylvanus (Vene) CASH and unk had the following children:

+2 i. Asa CASH.
+3 ii. Mary CASH.
+4 iii. James CASH.
+5 iv. Deborah CASH.
+6 v. Bradford CASH.
+7 vi. Israel CASH.

He was married to Lois GALPIN (daughter of Peet (Peat) GALPIN (GALPHIN) and Lois BECKLEY) in Jul 1820. Lois GALPIN was born on 6 Nov 1763 in Berlin Twp, Hartford Co, CT. She died between 1850 and 1860 in Ovid, NY?. Lois was the widow of Zenas Goodrich, a Revolutionary soldier. (Rev War Pension File R1780, CT Line). She married Sylvanus Cash of Greene County in 1820. In his will probated in 1831 she signed off any claim to his estate and his son Bradford was listed as sole heir. This could very well be the same Lois married to John Schneider (1753-1835) who served in the New York Levies under Captain Henry Dodge. He was born in Germany; died in Virgil, NY. Found in, Cortland County, NY DAR death record. DAR ID #77262 Miss Annie Maude Snider. Mrs. Mary Biggs White DAR ID #39248.


2. Asa CASH was born between 1765 and 1774.
1810 U.S. Census Franklin, Delaware, NY #23: Asa 26-45 b 1765-1784; Female 26-45 b 1765-1784; 1 female 10-16 b 1794-1800; 1 male 10-16 b 1794-1800. This Asa could be the father of Asa born 1790-1800 found in the 1830 census for Lenox, Madison, NY.

Asa CASH and unk had the following children:

+8 i. Asa W CASH.
9 ii. female CASH was born between 1794 and 1800 in found in 1810 census Franklin, Delaware, NY.

3. Mary CASH was born about 1770 in if 16 when she married. Note: I have a problem with this particular Mary being attached to Sylvanus because her daughter Phoebe was mentioned in the will of David Cash of Stanford and it does not appear that any of Sylvanus' children were named in that will.

Comfort Finch shows up in 1790 census for Washington, Dutchess, NY married with one male under 16. There is a Comfort Finch in Delaware County in 1810 pg 373 with one male over 45 and in Windham, Greene County in 1820.
MARRIAGE Source: LDS has shown two different years of this marriage (27 Feb 1777 and 1786) for this couple.
She was married to Comfort FINCH (son of Jacob FINCH and Martha JACOBS) on 27 Feb 1786 in Bangall, Dutchess, NY First Stanford Baptist Church. Comfort FINCH was born in 1757 in Carmel, Putnam, NY (LDS). On April 10, 1798 District No. 10 Stanford, Dutchess, NY Comfort Finch was designated to do two days road maintenance assigned by Comer Bullock, Jr, Road Overseer.

Mary CASH and Comfort FINCH had the following children:

10 i. Male FINCH was born between 1780 and 1790 in was under 10 in 1790 census.
11 ii. Phoebe Ann FINCH was born after 1786. Named in will of David Cash final accounting 1847 to receive $12.

4. James CASH was born between 1774 and 1780. 1800 U.S. Census Schomarie County, NY: James 16-26 b 1774-1784; Wife 16-26 b 1774-1784; 3 Females under 10 b 1790-1800.

1810 U.S. Census Delhi, Delaware, NY #18: James (he's not listed in actual count); Female 26-45 b 1765-1784; 1 Male -10 b 1800-1810; 2 Females over 45 b before 1765.

1820 U.S. Census Delhi, Delaware, NY #140: James over 45 b before 1775; Female 26-45 b 1775-1794; 1 Male under 10 b 1810-1820; 1 Female under 10 b 1810-1820.

1830 U.S. Census Hamden, Delaware, NY #67: James 50-60 b 1770-1780; Female 50-60 b 1770-1780.

Lois was born in 1761.

James CASH and Lois had the following children:

12 i. Mary Ann CASH was born in 1793 in Plainfield, Windham, CT. BORN Source: LDS Film 183551, Page 608, Ordinance 21278.
13 ii. Anna CASH was born in 1795 in Plainfield, Windham, CT. BORN Source: LDS Film 183551, Page 608, Ordinance 21277.
+14 iii. Cornelia CASH.
15 iv. William CASH was born about 1808 of Goshen, CT. BORN Source: LDS Film #183507, Page 966, Ordinance 33897.
16 v. Eleanor CASH was born about 1808 in probably Hartford, Hartford, CT. BORN Source: LDS Film 177929, Page 1025, Ordinance 39937.

5. Deborah CASH was born between 1775 and 1779 in , , NY. Deborah was from town of Kishkadommishke, NY (probably one of the old Indian names for Kiskatom, Town of Catskill, Greene County, NY). Greene County, NY was formed in March 1800 from parts of Albany and Ulster counties.

We have several account records from Greene County Board of Supervisors showing transportation of a Deborah Cash and daughter Mary (they were paupers). Believe her daughter Mary was either born before she was married or else her husband could have died and she was left a pauper.

MARRIAGE Source: LDS Batch #: M510911, Source Call #: 533479.

She was married to Martin RUSSELL on 12 Nov 1795 in Presbyterian Church, Greenville, Greene, NY.

Deborah CASH and Martin RUSSELL had the following children:

17 i. Mary CASH.

6. Bradford CASH was born in 1777 in , Greene, NY. He died between 1855 and 1860 in probably Catskill, Greene, NY. MARRIAGE Source: LDS Batch #: M510541, Source Call #: 974 B2N Vol. 92.

1810 U.S. Census for Catskill, Greene, NY: Bradford 26-45 b 1765-1784; 1 Female 26-45 b 1765-1784; 1 Female 10-16 b 1794-1800 (Is this Cornelia?); 4 Females under 10 b 1800-1810 (Mary A, Catherine); 1 Male under 10 b 1800-1810 (James?).

1820 U.S. Census for Catskill, Greene, NY: 1 male 26-45; 1 female 45 and up; 1 male 26-45; 1 male 16-26; 1 male 16-18; 1 female 10-16; 1 male under 10; 3 females under 10.

1830 U.S. Census for Catskill, Greene, NY #222: Bradford 50-60 b 1770-1780; 1 Female 15-20 b 1810-1815; 1 Female 10-15 b 1815-1820; 1 Male 10-15 b 1815-1820 (Could this be Martin or James?). Sylvanus + 100 b -1730; Wife 70-80 b 1750-1760; (Mary A & Catherine already left home).

1840 U.S. Census for Catskill, Greene, NY #344: Bradford 60-70 b
1770-1780; Wife 50-60 b 1800-1810.

1850 U.S. Census for Catskill, Greene, NY. Living in the same house: Joseph age 57 (couldn't read last name - could be son-in-law) b 1793; Alice age 30 b 1820; James age 8 b 1842; John, George, Bradford Hannah These could all be descendents of Bradford. Alice could be a granddaughter.

1855 U.S. Census Hunter, Greene, NY District 1 Family #59: George Brackett 50 years old birthplace Greene County (father) b 1805; Mary A (Cash) Brackett 50 years old born Greene County (mother) b 1805; Charlotte age 24; Leonard age 16; George H age 12; Bradford Cash age 77 (father-in-law); Hannah Cash age 79 (mother-in-law). Surname Brackett usually spelled Brockett.

Bradford Cash was mentioned in notice of Execution Sale of land (in Stephenson's Patent) of James Cash in Town of Catskill Recorder, September 12, 1839. Sale excepts land of 5 acres to Bradford Cash from the Sylvanus Cash original deed.

He was married to Hannah NEWKIRK on 24 Feb 1803 in Dutch Reformed Church, Catskill, Greene, NY. Hannah NEWKIRK was born in 1774.

Bradford CASH and Hannah NEWKIRK had the following children:

18 i. female CASH was born between 1800 and 1810 in Catskill, Greene, NY.
+19 ii. Mary A. CASH.
+20 iii. James CASH.
+21 iv. Catherine CASH.

7. Israel CASH was born on 1 May 1784. He was MILITARY in 1812. He died in 1845. GENERAL NOTES Source: Jo-Alice Schmitz, 5209 62nd, Sacramento, CA 95820 phone 916-451-1262 (a descendant) and Anthony Cash, Wilmette, IL.

MILITARY Notes: Was a private in the War of 1812 in Capt. Joel Gillett's Co of Artillery, Farrington's Regiment, New York Militia and in 5th Artillery and Infantry Reg't (Colden's), New York Militia for one month and nineteen days. Discharged at Greenwich, NY, 214 miles from his residence in Franklin, Delaware, NY. Service was October 22, 1814 to December 10, 1814.

Israel does not show up on any census counts until he moves to Ohio. Was he living with family or just on the move so much he never was caught in the census?

Convicted of counterfeiting at age 60 (1825) - this was in Black River, Lorain County, Ohio where his wife died of typhus in 1824. Jo-Alice Schmitz from CA, a descendent of Israel's daughter Julia, says that Israel was pardoned on this conviction for turning state's evidence.

1820 U.S. Census Black River, Huron, OH: Israel Cash Over 45 b before 1775; 1 Female Over 45 b before 1775; 1 Male 16-18 b 1802-1804 (Daniel S Cash??); 2 Males 10-16 b 1804-1810 (James & Abijah); 2 Females 10-16 b 1804-1810; 6 Males under 10 b 1810-1820.

1830 U.S. Census Russia, Huron, OH: Israel 40-50 b 1780-1790; 1 Female 20-30 b 1800-1810; 1 Male 10-15 b 1815-1820; 1 Female 5-10 b 1820-1825.

1840 U.S. Census Amherst, Lorain, OH: Israel 50-60 b 1780-1790; 1 Female 50-60 b 1780-1790; 1 Female 15-20 b 1820-1825.

Lorain County was formed in 1824 from parts of Cuyahoga, Huron and Median counties.

>From The History of Lorain County 1879: Early Settlement of Russia Township Lots #1 and #11 first settled in 1818 by Daniel Rathburn, Israel Cash, Thomas Waite, Jonathan Buck, John Callum and Israel Camp.

In 1825 Russia Township petitioned for incorporation. It was granted and the first election at house of Daniel Aitell, on Lot 12 was held. There were sixteen voters and all were present. Judges of this first election were Walter Buck, Israel Cash and Stephen Baker. Election of township officers was held and George Disbro, Israel Cash, and Walter Buck were elected Trustees.

Found in Pittsfield Township, OH history, on page 368, "John and Jacob Munsinger came into the township about 1827, buying from Israel Cash the old Remington farm, lot 111. Israel had lived in this township for a brief time.

>From Lorain County History the following references were made to Israel Cash:
Israel Cash was an early settler of Russia township (Lorain County). He also lived for a short time in Pittsfield where it states that Israel Cash, who obtained an unenviable notoriety in Amherst, was a resident for a short time.
Another reference states he sold a farm in the late 1820's.

The following is from the history of Nahum Ball Gates of Ohio: "In the fall of 1838, Mr Gates was elected sheriff of Lorain County, removing to Elyria. It has since been his residence. During his residence in Black River he filled the various offices of constable, justice of the peace, and marshal of Charlestown village. On the 12th day of November, 1838, he took the oath of office as sheriff, and entered upon its duties. The court of Common Pleas was then in session. This was the time of great excitement among the bogus or counterfeiting fraternity, who at that time seemed to have a strong foothold in many of the townships of Lorain County. Times were hard. Nearly all the banks in the country had suspended specie payment; the paper money then in circulation was of all grades and value. Many thought they would take a hand in currency tinkering, which was the order of the day. Therefore, many resorted to counterfeiting and the making of bogus coin. Men who had been arrested and placed in jail, charged with this offense, broke out and fled for their country's good. Mr. Israel Cash, who had turned State's evidence, was shot through the body, but not killed, by the son of an implicated counterfeiter. Lorain County was all excitement. Such was the condition of affairs when Mr Gates entered upon the duties of his office. Thus they remained for over a year. Strict justice will ever give to Sheriff Gates, a determined judge and efficient prosecutor, the credit of breaking up this nefarious gang, whose wicked ramifications even reached into families hitherto called honest and respectable. His prompt action routed the whole gang, root and branch. Many, under the kind care of Sheriff Gates, visited Columbus, others fled their country, some reformed, and others died."

SPECIAL Note: Daniel Webster was also friend of the Kinney family in Tiskilwa, Bureau County, IL. These Kinney's were descendants of Phoebe Cash Kinney who settled in Ulster, Bradford, PA. Phoebe was the daughter of Daniel Cash of Orange County, NY who was a brother to Sylvanus Cash.

DIED Note: Died when he went east on a business trip - where to unknown.

He was married to Hannah WEBSTER before 1806. Hannah WEBSTER was born on 27 Dec 1785 in , Genesee County, NY. She died on 13 Mar 1824 in Black River, Lorain, OH of typhoid fever. SOURCE: Jo-Alice Schmitz, 5209 62nd, Sacramento, CA 95820 and Anthony Cash, Wilmette, IL. She says Hannah was a cousin of Daniel Webster.

A Hannah Cash became a member of the Baptist Church of Christ, Franklin, Delaware, New York in 1807. Source - Church Record.

Israel CASH and Hannah WEBSTER had the following children:

+22 i. James Seamore CASH.
+23 ii. Sarah "Sally" CASH.
+24 iii. Julia CASH.
+25 iv. Abijah Selia CASH.
+26 v. Cynthia CASH.
+27 vi. Israel CASH Jr..
+28 vii. Samantha CASH.
29 viii. Sylvanus CASH was born on 13 Apr 1823 in Amherst, Lorain, OH.
He died on 3 Mar 1825 in , , OH. He was buried in Amherst, Lorain, OH.

He was married to Ruth MOORE on 6 Oct 1824 in Black River, Lorain, OH by JP Harry Redington.1 Ruth MOORE died after 1850 in probably Lorain Co, OH. Israel CASH and Ruth MOORE had the following children:

30 i. Mary CASH was born on 3 Apr 1830. She died on 25 Mar 1835.


Prepared by:
Marlene Chaney
818 McKinley Pl S
St Cloud, MN 56301


1. Film #163 Record #486 Misc Marriage Records Elyria, Lorain, OH (35MM film).

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