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East Kill Cemetery, Jewett, GREENE COUNTY, NY

The land for the East Kill Cemetery was donated by Elijah Towners. It is located on Rte. 23C, one mile west of Rt. 296 in the town of Jewett, near the hamlet of Beaches Corners. There are 48 tombstones remaining, all of which have been inscribed. In addition, there are numerous fieldstones that are weathered and unreadable.  Recently read by Sylvia & Britni Hasenkopf.

Charles Higgins d. 21 Jun 1836 Age 25y10m
Mary Beach d. 27 Sep 1837 age 80y w/o Adna
Orison Tompkins d. 4 Jun 1880 Age 48y
Harriet Brown Reynolds d. 27 May 1867 age 58y3m1d w/o Hector
Hector Brown d. 14 Mar 1858 Age 51y3m25d
James D. Brown d. 5 Oct 1830 Age 13m s/o Fisk & Pantha
Eber. Bailey d. 20 Feb 1851 Age 18y s/o Irenos & Phebe Ann
Belinda Conine d. 7 Feb 1862 Age 4y3m1d d/o Leveritt & Temperance
Eleanor S. Brown d. 4 Aug 1878 Age 43y10m5d w/o Hervey (nee COLLINS)
Maria Brown d. 17 Oct 1858 Age 54y4d w/o Hervey
Mary B. Beach d. 27 Feb 1852 Age 1m22d d/o Frederick & Amanda
Marcus Beach d. 22 Oct 1860 Age 7m6d s/o Frederick & Amanda
Fisk Beach d. 13 Oct 1860 Age 13y3m s/o Frederick & Amanda
Anson Johnson d. 1 Feb 1845 Age 27y5m9d
Mary Hartin d. 21 Feb 1843 Age 43y5m8d w/o John
Clarence A. Johnson d. 24 Jan 1858 Age 13y6m22d s/o Anson & Amanda
Chauncey Green d. 23 Jun 1882 Age 87y9m5d
Sally Green d. 10 Jun 1846 Age 51y w/o Chauncey
Zaddock Brown d. 22 Mar 1844 Age 69y7m22d
Sarah Monroe d. 28 Mar 1856 age 81y1m1d
Josiah Brown d. 20 Aug 1874 age 78y6m25d
Belinda Green d. 29 Dec 1858 age 65y8m w/o Silas (nee BROWN)
Hervey Brown d. 8 Sep 1882 Age 78y6m
Harriet Brown d. 27 May 1867 Age 58y3m1d
Doctor Brown d. 1778 (Ancestors of Zaddock Brown)
Sarah Brown d. 1778 w/o Doctor Brown (nee LOCKWOOD)
Josiah Brown d. 1818 age 77y s/o Doctor & Sarah
Lois Brown d. 1820 Age 80y w/o Josiah (nee CHAPMAN)
CAJ? part missing d. 25 Jan 1864 Age 67y8m14d
Lavinia Green d. 22 Mar 1848 Age 31y8m29d d/o Silas & Belinda
Alfred E. Green d. 24 Jun 1859 Age 31y8m29d
Marinda Green d. 5 Aug 1840 Age 34y w/o Giles & Sarah
Sherwood W. Green d. 2 Jul 1860 Age 9y11m21d s/o Giles & Sarah
Roby A. Lord d. 2 Jul 1863 Age 23y8m28d w/o Chauncey
(Only daughter of Edmund & Chloe BUTTS)
Roby Butts d. 8 May 1850 Age 91y w/o Isaac (nee BLOWERS)
Isaac Butts d. 22 Jun 1832 Age 89y
Virgil L. Towner d. 18 Jul 1865 Age 18y9m15d
Henry Butts d. 18 Sep 1875 Age 81y
Justus Butts 10 Jun 1808-27 Nov 1897
Densy Butts 20 Nov 1809-28 Mar 1873 w/o Justus
Arie Lord 23 Dec 1861-23 Sep 1887
Michael Showers d. 10 Jun 1819 age 47y
Catherine Showers d. 30 Mar 1830 Age 54y
Henry Showers d. 22 Apr 1824 Age 27y
Albert Showers d. 9 Jan 1830 Age 12y
Polly (Beth?) Showers d. 1828
Catherine Showers d. 22 Mar 1830 Ahe 1m11d d/o Japhet & Sylva
Eliza Showers d. 22 Mar 1831 Age 8y4d d/o Japhet & Sylva (Drowned)
Mary Ann Showers d. 22 Aug 1835 age 4y2m11d d/o Japhet & Sylva
Schuyler Ford d. 30 Jun 1865 age 35y8m
Alvin C. Ford d. 23 Sep 1855 Age 36y1m24d s/o Alvin & Phebe
Phebe Ford d. 21 Jun 1876 Age 81y11m26d w/o Alvin (nee TOWNER)
Alvin Ford, Capt. d. 24 Nov 1841 age 52y "Killed by the fall of a bridge
he was aiding to raise on the Schoharie Kill"
Moses Ford d. 14 Nov 1898 age 74y
_almon Ford d. 23 Aug 1831 Age 20y s/o Alvin & Phebe
Amos Finch d. 1845 Age 94 Hand carved fieldstone
Samuel ____ Hand carved in fieldstone
Adavina Finch d. 21 May 1831
Leona Beers d. 4 Jan 1879 Age 1m2d d/o Julian G. & Florence I

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