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Misc Cemeteries of GREENE COUNTY, NY


Van Bramer Cemetery  Barker Family  White Farm


Record is taken from a photograph of one single stone lying on its back located on the grounds of a private residence on Joseph Kollar Road at the junction of Sandy Plains Road in the town of Cairo. Photo owned by Robert Uzzilia, Cairo Town Historian. Submitted by Sylvia Hasenhopf.

Truman N. Wilber d. 2 Sep 1883 Age 33y

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Located behind a private residence up on a hill and is enclosed by a stone fence. Located on Cornwallville Rd, right at the junction of Hervey Sunside Rd. Recently read by Sylvia and Britni Hasenkopf. 20 souls buried here.

Abel Ives d. May 1821 Age 50y
William Brocket d. 9 Mar 1838 age 4y9m24d s/o Capt. Ebenezar &
Rosaline Brocket
Lucius Q.C. Brocket d. 19 Apr 1838 Age 2y1m26d " " "
Charlotte Brocket d. 8 Feb 1828 Age 40y d/o Ebenezar & Charlotte
Charlotte Brocket d. 20 Jan 1829 Age 63y w/o Ebenezar
Ebenezar Brocket d. 20 Jan 1835 Age 77y
George L. Snyder 1858-1929
Fannie L. Snyder 1857-1920 w/o George L. (nee POTTER)
Bessie E. Snyder 1864-1939 w/o George L. (nee POTTER)
Windsor Potter 1830-1917
Minerva Potter 1832-1905 w/o Windsor (nee LEWIS)
William Lewis 1804-1849
Catherine Lewis 1809-1889 w/o William (nee LENNON)
Polly Lewis d. 16 Apr 1837 Age 58y w/o Truman
Truman Lewis d. 12 Apr 1824 age 50y
Matilda M. Lewis d. 7 May 1832 Age 10y10m d/o Truman & Polly
Harry Lewis d. 21 Jan 1834 Age 19y10m s/o Truman & Polly
Charles Lewis d. 23 Mar 1837 Age 11m s/o Samuel & Polly Maria
Mary Haver d. 22 Dec 1834 d/o Philip & Fanny
Emily G. Lewis d. 30 Dec 1856 d/o Samuel & Sally

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Solomon EARL Cemetery

Located on the South side of Joseph Kollar Road, 1/2 mile west of the juction with Sandy Plains Road.
Sorrounded by stone wall. Somewhat overgrown and in poor condition. Recently read by Sylvia Hasenkopf.

Alvira Earl d. 26 Jan 1857 ge 37y8m10d w/o Solomon
Albert W. Earl d. 1861 Age 7y1m13d s/o Solomon & Alvira
Rosalie Earl d. 6 Apr 1852 Age 2y2m d/o Solomon & Elvira (Alvira Sp?)
Charity Alvord d. 3 May 1869 Age 80y11m19d w/o William

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Van Bramer Cemetery
Twp. of Catskill, Greene Co, NY

Located pm Rte. 32 on the right hand side of the road, just past Game Farm on the way to Saugerties from Cairo. Recently read by Sylvia Hasenkopf and Britni Hasenkopf.

Mariah S. VanBramer 24 Jun 1828-17 Jun 1898 w/o Peter (nee VEDDER)
Elizabeth VanBramer 17 Apr 1848-
Belle VanBramer d. 10 Jul 1885 Age 34y

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Barker Family Cemetery
Twp. of Cairo, Greene Co, NY

Located behind the private house at the corner of Frank Hitchcock Road and Rte. 32. Recently read by Sylvia

Elizabeth Taylor d. 7 Aug 1802 Age 36y
Thomas Taylor d. 17 Mar 1813 age 47y
James Barker d. 27 Sep 1767 Age 1y1m s/o James & Elizabeth
Sarah Dederick d. 21 Oct 1799 Age 1y1m
Mary Dederick d. 18 Feb 1831 age 70y w/o Frederick
Elizabeth Barker d. 18 May 1796 age 58y w/o James

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White Farm, Loop Road Cemetery
Twp. of Cairo, Greene Co, NY

Located on the White Farm-Loop Road and is enclosed with a stone wall.
Recently read by Sylvia Hasenkopf.

Samuel E. Mandigo d. 10 Apr 1834 Age 37y9m21d
Sarah Mandigo d. 19 Jan 1836 Age 72y29d w/o Jeremiah
William P. Mandigo d. 6 Jul 1837 Age 38y
Jeremiah Mandigo d. 12 Nov 1841
Jacob Aker d. 22 Nov 1834 Age 77y
James G. Lindsey d. 4 Sep 1834 Age 4m11d s/o James & Caroline
John Lockwood d. 30 Jun 1834 Age 21y9m18d
Elenore Lockwood d. 24 Jan 1838 Age 35y6m21d
Peddey Harvey d. 6 Oct 1837 Age 81y
Levi Sage 22 Mar 1842-12 Jan 1866
Marriet Lindsey d. 15 Jan 1846 Age 1y1m8d

Retyped by Annette Campbell

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